Become The Maverick

What will you achieve?

Rank & Achievement

Titles & Sprays

Every achievement accomplished and every challenge rewarded, clear recognition will be recognised through the title system and sprayable icons. All your courageous achievements and accolades will be visible for all see.


Recognised and rewarded. As you grow, develop and achieve you?ll get all the credit and recognition you're due. Visualised through our coloured and stylised armbands your rank and position in competitive leagues will be clearly represented for all to see and respect.



As you progress through Mavericks you'll unlock an excessive haul of items and equipment to wield and wear both inside and outside the competitive battle royale The Proving Grounds.

Weapon Kits

Weapon Kits are our approach to handling cosmetic distribution properly. Instead of the typical loot boxes there will be cosmetics released into the game world, through limited opportunities and availability. Inside these kits are beautifully constructed cosmetic variations specifically designed for your favourite weapons.

Clan & Reputation

Share your experiences, from your misfortunes to epic successes, every moment and regret relayed with others. Your lobby is your game, rather than load into a menu, in Mavericks you'll enter our bustling social hub.

Meet, greet, socialise and build a network of allies or track down enemies in the street and shops of the capital.

Compete in novel minigames, spam emotes, and shoot 'em up in the shooting range to test your equipment. Browse the shops and try get a bargain between your games.


Free Trade Economy

Earn in-game currency, Bits, through play, in either gamemode to buy, sell or trade the huge catalogue of ingame items with other players or NPC's in the bustling social hub.

In-game economy and achievements are nothing like real life money or spending, currencies are protected and separated so that your in-game achievements cannot be bought, shortcut or undermined.

Capital Credits

Bought for real world money, Capital Credits will unlock cosmetic variations for specific in-game items such as Weapon Kits.

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