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A Living, Breathing City

The Capital is a thriving 10,000-person metropolis with 13 unique districts.

Players use this space as the game's central hub, socialising with friends, buying-and-trading with citizens & NPC's, and establishing their status and wealth. Within The Capital, players can dictate how they are shown to the rest of the community with a host of customisation options available including weapon kits, clothing and property.


The Factions are deemed as minor inconveniences by The Capital... but Mavericks are joining them in droves. Who will you join? The cult-like Circle of Lazarus? The technologically-focused Institute? The paramilitary Last Special Forces? Or the ideological Syndicate? The choice is yours.

Status & Reputation

With each medal attained, objective acquired, extraction completed and battle royale survived, your character and status grows within the world of Mavericks. Build a reputation with the factions and cement your name as a force to be reckoned with on the Isle of Dern.

Risk & Reward

Enter the Isle of Dern under your terms, armed to the teeth or empty-handed. From your bank of collected items from previous battles, you can bring anything back into the Proving Grounds, but be aware, it comes with a risk. Any items you bring in with you could be lost if you die before extracting your loot back to The Capital.

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Game Mode

Learn about the Mavericks game mode and the kinds of things you can expect to do on the Isle of Dern.

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