The Journey Begins

Because every great story has a beginning.

Origin of The Isles

Technological visionaries, computer scientists, and engineers. The unit originally constrained their AI's research to projects for the benefit of humanity, rapidly progressing them towards a sustainable future. In humanity's darkest hour, presented with the possibility of nuclear extinction, they turned their considerable capabilities to a different purpose: controlling the world to ensure its safety. Despite efforts to find a different solution, the islands were deemed the most effective solution for preventing another bloody uprising. Their inhabitants selectively transferred, due to being identified as a threat to stable society.

The Capital


Bankrolled by great Western Countries, the island operates as a detention centre, often described as a privately owned torture island. It houses the highly valued prisoners that pose a threat to society, political status quo, and territory.


An external point of view on the The Capital's function is represented by housing, rehabilitating and releasing the dangerous inmates. To provide a safe and effective place for dealing with problematic individuals. An internal point of view of The Capital, is a manipulative detainment centre where no one ever escapes. Inmates are engaged and engrossed at the prospect of climbing the social ranking ladder, chasing an impossible dream of escape or accession.


The viewpoint of the employees, who work to manage and detain the citizens of the island do not consider what they're doing as any more immoral than a standard prison. To the employees, they make the world a safer place, containing and managing all the violent, narcissistic and power hungry people. To the islands, they are doing the planet and most of its inhabitants a service. They cover the world's guilt, making these islands a place where nobody can die and do nothing to quench their desire for destruction and conflict. They would argue they do not encourage it.

Discover The Factions

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The Circle Of Lazarus


Housed underground, a statue of technological relics marks The Circle's faith and commitment to their cause.


Committed to accession, the COL praise their technological relics as they hack and augment their bodies to dominate and ultimately ascend into the next life.

The Institute of Technological Resistance


ITR take advantage of an abandoned HydroDam, out of sight and out of mind, they extract electricity to fuel their campaign against The Capital.


Made up of some of the best technological minds, the ITR have infiltrated The Capital's infrastructure, collecting intelligence and initiating their assault.

The Last Special Forces


In the heart of the Highlands, the LSF take shelter in a nuclear bunker housed within a mountain, offering the necessary security for them to plan and execute their operations.


Originally a band of rebel resistance fighters, the LSF's makeup consists of rogue agents, diehard veterans and fearless inhabitants. Conducting tactical insertions and swift operations to deal decisive blows to The Capital, from disabling core hardware systems, to amassing great casualties and confiscating powerful weaponry.

The Syndicate


Hiding out in a great mansion within the region of the Lowlands, this stronghold is equipped to deal with anything the island has to throw at it.


To maim and extort the island inhabitants to fund an existence of luxury and security.

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