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Making Mavericks

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The Data Forge Report: Update #03

The latest analytics from The Forge

January 23rd 2019

Founder Feature: Sorrowy

Assessing feedback from one of the games prominent players

January 10th 2019

The Mavericks Game Mode

Find out how we?re changing The Forge with our upcoming game mode

January 10th 2019

Update Schedule: January & February 2019

2019: The Year of Mavericks

January 7th 2019

Core Update: Hunter & Hunted

Coming Early 2019

December 18th 2018

AMA With Automaton CEO, James Thompson

Fielding questions from the community.

December 12th 2018

The Data Forge Report: Week #02

The latest analytics from The Forge.

December 12th 2018

Reaffirming The Mission of Mavericks: Proving Grounds

Why we?re doing what we?re doing the way we?re doing it.

December 12th 2018

The Data Forge Report: Week #01

The first analytics from The Forge.

December 5th 2018

CRYENGINE and SpatialOS: working together with Mavericks

The perfect partnership for Mavericks: Proving Grounds.

December 4th 2018

The Forge Begins

Join us in building the future of Mavericks.

November 28th 2018

Capital Punishment

Find out more about the social hub at the heart of Mavericks.

October 30th 2018

Figuring the Factions

Step inside Mavericks' four core Factions.

October 23rd 2018

The Northern Powerhouse: Mavericks' Extraordinary World

Step into the Isle of Dern in the latest Mavericks blog.

October 15th 2018

The Weapons of Mavericks

Join Lead Artist Stuart Bugg and Senior Producer Craig Scott as they explore Mavericks? deadly arsenal.

October 1st 2018

The Forge New Release Date 29th November

Read more about why we made the change, what new benefits you can expect and what else it means for you.

September 18th 2018

The Forge is Opening

Mavericks: 'The Forge' opening soon!

August 29th 2018

Beta News and Exciting Changes

Introducing Mavericks 'The Forge' which we'll be releasing in a few weeks instead of our previous beta programme.

August 13th 2018

Community Update

The release of our community forum, allowing players to talk about all things Mavericks.

July 9th 2018

Become a Founder

We're excited to announce the launch of the Mavericks Founders Pack, available in limited numbers and filled with exclusive Founders only content!

June 14th 2018

Website & Sign-up Launch

Alongside our E3 attendance we?re relaunching the website with details on the game, space for all the latest Mavericks news, a look at the world of Mavericks and more! Register today for earlier access and claim your favourite pseudonym to use in game, across the website, and in the comments ? in addition to the upcoming forums.

June 11th 2018