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The Game Mode

From The Capital players can go to any one of the thirteen districts deployment pools and jump into the Proving Grounds and play the Mavericks game mode - a one-hour session that's split into two very different phases.


The first 30-minutes of the game mode is the exploration phase. Players can discover loot, complete objectives and extract their rewards out as and when they feel like it. Also during this period, players can be killed and jump back in to the world as many times as you like. Any changes made to the map, for example a field getting burned out or a house getting blown up, will remain for the entirety of that game.


The second 30-minutes of the game mode is the survival phase. Once this has started, no additional players can jump into the game and you can't come back in if you're killed. The zone will close around a position on the map brings the remaining survivors together. Players still can extract out, but the reward for being the last alive - The Champion - will prove to be so much more rewarding.


One of the best ways to succeed in Mavericks is to know your environment from the inside out. Every Maverick leaves a trace as they move across the Dern and you're no exception. Pay attention and use this knowledge to your advantage. Know where to avoid or plant evidence to lure other players into a trap.

What information can you discover from the vicinity?


With each step, a fresh boot print is left in the ground. Over time this will fade but whilst it's there someone can easily pick up your track and be on your tail. Move faster to create more spread out tracks.

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Moving through foliage will create a visible trail that can be seen from a distance. This foliage will return back to its upright position over time. Move slowly to put less bend on the foliage as you pass.

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Using items in the world may help you get out of a bad situation but will leave scraps on the ground for others to spot. The item will decay and become less obvious over time. Using your items in more discrete areas will allow you to discard them in a less noticeable way.

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Taking damage will leave blood splatters on nearby surfaces, allowing players to determine information such as damage taken, impact direction and weapon used. These marks will dry up and darken over time. Heal up to avoid leaving any further blood trails as you continue moving.

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Highlighted on the map are various locations that players can go to in order to complete objectives. Fight it out over a lock-crate or capture an objective by dominating an area. Each objective has different requirements to complete. The harder the objective, the greater the reward.


Another tool of any great Maverick is their environment. At any time whilst in the Isle of Dern, you're more than likely be near something that can be destroyed to help your strategy or simply for dramatic effect. Whether it's a wall that can be destroyed through to create a shortcut, exploding a canister to create a distraction, or setting a field ablaze to hinder the visibility of your enemies, the possibilities are endless when the tools are in your hands.

Character Customisation

Customisation is another way for you to stand out in the crowd. Character appearance can be set and modified from within The Capital. Clothing items are highly sought after and can be obtained from shops and objectives, and cannot be lost through death. Stay fresh and give your character a Maverick look.


Ever heard that the best offence is a great defense? With a variety of armour sets, from light recon classes through to heavy juggernaut sets, choose the armour that best suits your playing style to overcome offensive attacks.


There are a range of healing and drug items available for players to use on the Isle. These provide you the ability to recover after a close encounter or simply buff yourself for an upcoming battle.


The plethora of grenades are useful in nearly every situation. Whether it's to cover your tracks, stun your enemies, or blow other Mavericks to oblivion - they're bound to make a significant difference. So toss a 'nade into the mix and turn a bad situation into a good time!


Not satisfied with certain aspects of your weapon? From stock to muzzle, equip one of the many attachments and gear up before taking on your enemies.

Cap Cards

CapCards are used to store items in a single inventory slot without having to worry about weight restrictions. Enter the isle with empty cards and fill them with items you find including weapons and armour. Additionally, you can find rare items such as clothing inside these cards from objectives.


Mavericks houses an ever-growing arsenal of weaponry. Whether it's something fast and agile to take people out as you sprint around the map or you'd prefer something with a bit more kick, you won't be strapped for choice.

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