What is

Mavericks is a sprawling, ambitious, cutting-edge combat world. Charge forth from the teeming social hub to engage in epic 1000-player Battle Royale matches, or to hunt for new weapons and attachments in the persistent open world of this unparalleled free-to-play title.

The Isle of Dern awaits

Combat in Mavericks takes place on the Isle of Dern, a living, breathing Scottish isle covering over 128 kilometers of fully-accessible terrain. As the sun rises across the heather and the morning mist lifts, deer begin to wander the wilderness... until the silence is broken by gunfire. Wildlife scatters, trees splinter and fall, and fences disintegrate in a hail of splinters. Vehicles careen across the landscape, smashing through obstacles and spitting bullets. Fires break out, and are driven by the wind from grass to bush to tree, licking up the sides of buildings. Through the smoke and flames and ruined structures, hunters stalk with powerfully-customised weapons, scavenging for supplies and looking for telltale signs of human passage. Was that grass flattened by a quiet killer or a panicked deer?

A trail of blood and deep bootprints might lead to an easy victim... or to a cunningly-laid trap. Are you bold enough to find out which?

The Capital offers refuge

The one secure location on the island is the Capital, a sprawling high-walled settlement of stone and steel. Here, combatants meet, socialise and spend under a truce enforced by pervasive surveillance. Shops offer enticing wares, a bustling marketplace facilitates countless trades, and everywhere soldiers gather - to converse, to recruit, or just to show off their latest prizes, either won from tournaments or scavenged from the lawless island outside the walls. And in dark corners, the envoys of outlawed factions solicit support with quiet murmurs, preparing for the day when they rise up and tear the Capital down...