What is Mavericks?

Join us in our unparalleled adventure into a world defined and built by you, the players.

Ultimate Combat Experience

Mavericks offers a truly interactive world experience. Create ultimate destruction from blowing up trees to blasting fragile walls. Decimate grassy meadows and spread chaos through woodland areas as you create devastating chain reactions using our dynamic fire propagation system leaving nowhere for your enemies to hide. Assemble your arsenal to suit and influence your playing style. Armed to the hilt with a heavy sniper, or left out to dry with a 9mm handgun, a whole armoury of firearms and hardware are at your disposal. Find our specialist hardware to really change up your gameplay. Secure your location with claymores or booby trap an objective with C4 and patiently await your competition; our specialist hardware provides unparalleled strategic opportunities. Keep in mind these items are scarce so be sure to use them wisely!

Groundbreaking Player Information

Our player information system offers hints and clues at every turn. Pay attention and use your deduction skills to come out on top. As you explore the undergrowth you'll not only be leaving footprints but you'll also be displacing and flattening the foliage beneath you. Each step you take leaves a mark in the world, and intentionally or not you'll be leading players right to you. Tread carefully and don?t forget that certain surfaces leave clearer footprints than others! Use an item such as a first aid kit and you?ll leave a trail of empty packaging behind, providing other players with clear information as to your arsenal and previous whereabouts. Had a lucky escape from incoming fire? Experience health below 25% and you'll leave a trail of blood behind you for the next 60 seconds or until you restore health. Ensure you heal up quickly, or use this as a bait and lure an unsuspecting player into a trap! It?s not only the players who leave information behind, take advantage of the roaming wildlife that dynamically react to player behaviour. Spot a spooked deer? Interpret that information and follow the clues to seek out and conquer your competition.


Every achievement shouted and every challenge rewarded, we believe in bringing clear visibility and recognition to your achievements. With our title system and our sprayable icons, your courageous achievements and accolades will be visible for all see. As you grow, develop and achieve we'll ensure you deserve the credit and recognition you deserve. Visualised through our coloured and stylised armbands your rank and position in competitive leagues will be clearly represented.

As you progress you'll unlock a plethora of items and equipment to wield and wear both inside and outside the competitive Battle Royale ?Proving Grounds?. Combining free to play with our citizenship programme ensures the game is easy to pick up but maintains integrity. Citizenship allows in-game wealth and prestige to dictate how you customize your character and earn items for the open world.


  • Real-time World Lighting
  • Dynamic Time of Day
  • Organic Destruction
  • Comprehensive Structure and Building Destruction
  • Epic Scale - 16km x 16km "Isle of Dern"
  • Dynamic Weather System

Bringing Back Social

Rather than load into a menu, in Mavericks you'll enter our bustling social hub. Share your experiences, from your awkward failures to epic successes, with your fellow players. Meet, greet, socialise and build a network of allies in the streets and shops of the Capital. Engage in novel minigames, spam dancing emotes, test your skills in the shooting range, or browse the shops to get a bargain, the social hub offers something for every mood.

Player Driven Narrative

Season 1 of the Proving Grounds marks the beginning of the epic journey and adventure that?s ready to unfold. You, the players, decide the narrative direction and fate of the world through our unique reputation system. Earn reputation through in-game performance and achievements and donate it to either The Capital or one of the Factions, each with their own unique benefits. Choose your allegiance and accept the consequences. Will you support the overlord Capital Forces or the underdog rebel Factions that threaten the stability of the Isles?

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