How you can be a part of the future of Massively Multiplayer Tactical Shooters.

Founders Access

Founders are invited to be the first to play Mavericks: Proving Grounds and help shape the development process alongside Automaton. This access will be a work in progression version of the game, with a focus on gathering player feedback that allows us to finalise and polish the experience ahead of its launch.

12 Months Citizenship

Citizenship is the only way to gain unrestricted access to the Mavericks economy, making it possible to engage in trading and a range of customisation features that include drone, title and full character customisation. Using the world's currency Bits you can buy, sell and trade gear, weapons and attachments.

Citizenship's Key Features:

  • Removal of all purchase restrictions
  • Ability to sell and trade items with other players
  • Capability to wield and, equip weapons and gear throughout the social hub
  • Unlocked titles can be equipped and visualised in the social hub
  • Drone customisation and progression

Citizenship services can be acquired through the following ways:

  • Real World Money - paid as a subscription OR through packs including the Founders pack.
  • Citizen Pass - bought with real life money, redeemable or tradable with players for Bits, Citizen Passes allow players to earn Citizenship through play.

Exclusive Cosmetics

Gain access to the following cosmetics that you can show off both in and out of game.

The Founders Hall

Within the walls of The Capital. Founders will have exclusive access to the prestigious Founders Hall. Here you can socialise with other Founders and gain a unique insight into the world of Mavericks.

The Founders Forum

Players who have purchased the founders pack will have exclusive access to the Founders Forum. Here you will benefit from unique content and benefits, you can also put forward your suggestions and receive a Founders badge to identify you as a Founder.

Benefits Summary

Achieving the most ambitious tactical MMO shooter ever is no easy feat. Utilising the comprehensive Founders strategy the doors will be opening early to an exclusive few. Once inside you?ll be invited to the behind the scenes testing, where you can use the communication channels with the developers. Founders are a crucial part of the team moving forward, and will be rewarded with:

  • Early Founders Access (Nov '18)
  • 12 Months Citizenship
  • Exclusive Cosmetics:
    • Founders' Weapon Kit
    • Founders' Emote
    • Founders' Icon - in-game and website icon/spray
    • Founders' Posts - title and golden background on your posts
    • Founders' Discord Rank
  • Access To:
    • Founders Hall - in-game social area
    • Founders Forum - join the discussion

( Limited Number Available )

To grant assurances, all revenue generated from Founders will be injected straight back into the development of Mavericks.