How you can become a part of the future of Massively Multiplayer Tactical Shooters.


Achieving the most ambitious tactical MMO shooter ever is no easy feat. Utilising our comprehensive Founders strategy we'll be opening the doors early to an exclusive few. Once inside you'll be invited to join our behind scenes testing and our intimate communication channels with the developers. Founders will be a crucial part of the team moving forward and will each be rewarded with:

  • Founder's Beta Access (Aug - Sept '18)
  • 12 Months Citizenship (worth $60.00 on launch!)
  • Exclusive Cosmetics:
    • Founder's Weapon Kit
    • Founder's Emote
    • Founder's Icon - in-game and website icon/spray
    • Founder's Posts - title and golden background on your posts
  • Access To:
    • Founder's Hall - in-game social area
    • Founder's Forum - on website forum (coming soon)

( Limited Number Available )

To grant assurances, all revenue generated from Founders will be injected straight back into the development of Mavericks.


Visits are welcome but possessing citizenship will unlock and enable a variety of content within the game. This service can be acquired through the following ways:

Real World Money

Paid as a subscription OR bought through packs such as the Founders pack.

Citizen Pass

Bought with real life money, redeemable or tradable with players for Bits, Citizen Passes allow players to earn Citizenship through play.


In the world of Mavericks there are two main currencies:


Earned through gameplay alone, bits are used to buy, sell and trade everything in the game world.

Capital Credits

Bought for real world money, Capital Credits will unlock cosmetic variations for specific in-game items such as Weapon Kits.

Weapon Kits

Weapon Kits are our approach to handling cosmetic distribution properly. Instead of the typical loot boxes we'll be releasing cosmetics into the game world, through limited opportunities and availability.

Inside these kits are beautifully constructed cosmetic variations specifically designed for your favourite weapons.