The Weapons of Mavericks

Today we begin our weekly series of blogs. These will be available to Founders first, and then be posted on the main site a few days later. The first in the series focuses on the powerful weaponry of Mavericks.

Mavericks presents unprecedented large-scale combat, with up to 1,000 players facing off in an island-spanning battle royale. To take part in battles of this size, you need a deep, robust, and polished arsenal of weaponry at your beck and call. Automaton, Mavericks' creator, has you covered.

With 40 firearms to choose from (plus more, other weapons on top of that), Mavericks aims to give players a huge amount of choice as to how they go about their battle royales. You'll always want a pistol at your side, of course, but the more difficult choices will come between shotguns, assault rifles, and sniper rifles. Should we mention the rocket launchers and other special weapons too? Well that would be telling, but there's definitely more to discover.

Within each category of weapon there's more variety to play about with too, allowing players to prove themselves in The Forge in a manner that suits their specific play style. When you're entering the biggest competitive arena in all of gaming, you need to know you can rely on your tools - and you need to know you're specifically, individually catered for.

One of the core pillars in the Mavericks' loadout is believability. "There won't be weapons that are just weird, blowing bubbles, looking like Nerf guns," Stuart Bugg, Lead Artist, explains, "Tonally they have to suit the world of Mavericks. But at the same time, we're embracing the creativity of our art team and looking to our community to see what they like, what's popular there, to inspire us."

It's all about balance. "Balancing the gameplay, balancing the aesthetic, balancing the broader wants and needs of the community," Craig Scott, producer, says, "It's something that's been at the forefront of our minds during development, from day one."

What players are initially met with will be recognisable, even with Mavericks being set in a near-future world. "We have to set a base, so players will come into Mavericks and see instantly recognisable - maybe even comfortable - weaponry greeting them," says Connor Sheehan , Concept Artist, "But from there it grows into something more: you might customise your weapon to suit your style, branch out into other styles of weapon, or maybe even stick with what you get from the beginning."

"And that's the point," Scott adds, "You're able to craft your character, your loadout, your playstyle how you want."

Customisation for your weaponry comes in the form of both things that impact the game itself, and things that just infuse your armaments with... a bit more personality, let's say. Pop a suppressor on your pistol for a stealthy, ever-reliable sidearm; flash suppressors and extended mags on your AK make it a more efficient tool of the trade; maybe pop a scope on your M14 assault rifle and see how it fares at a distance.

It's all about keeping things bespoke to the player, to their wants, needs, and whims. And if you do want a rifle adorned with skulls, you can do just that - an aesthetic change with no gameplay impact, that makes your weapon yours. Your choice, your style, your way of playing.

The artistry behind the guns ties in perfectly with aspects of choice, while keeping things realistic and contributing positively to the player experience. While it's all well and good to have a fire-spewing uber-AK that you think is cool, it's no fun for others if they don't recognise what it is they're up against. "The silhouette is always important," Sheehan says, "Not just artistically, but from a gameplay perspective too - you need to be able to instantly recognise what you're up against." Players can create their custom, imaginative, flair-filled loadout - but in a high-stakes, 1,000-player battle royale, you won't be left wondering what people are carrying when you face off with them. It's all about that balance.

And what about the future of Mavericks' armoury? There are plans in place, but a lot of it is open to discussion - and even more comes down to what the community wants to see, and what proves popular.

"We want to give people what they want, obviously," says Bugg, "So there's potential for pretty much anything. We're set in the future, so I wouldn't rule out future-weapons - but for now we want to set that baseline and get people used to the world of Mavericks as we have it today." The world of Mavericks in a year or two, though, could be very different indeed.

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