The Forge New Release Date 29th November

Today we are announcing a delay to the release of Mavericks: The Forge. We originally planned to open The Forge to our Founders on Thursday 20th September ahead of a public launch several weeks later. Now Founders will get first access to The Forge on Thursday 29th November.

We understand that this news will come as a huge disappointment to our community. And we know that we have previously shifted the date for playable content, so believe us when we say it was a hard decision for the team to make - and one we're sorry to be announcing so close to our intended launch. Whilst it won't ease the pain, we did want to offer a little insight into what we've been focused on in the last couple of weeks and why we felt it was necessary to delay.

When we announced The Forge, we emphasised how this would enable our Founders and extended community to become an invaluable part of the Mavericks development process. That is still very much the case - particularly in the early weeks when Founders have exclusive access. To do that to the best of our ability, we need to be able to gather and analyse player data to help us drive meaningful improvements to the game.

We designed Mavericks to be groundbreaking by nature, and we've come to the realisation over the past few weeks that we needed more advanced tools to handle the level of analytics we are going to be dealing with, and that traditional solutions currently do not meet our requirements. We're taking steps to fix that, meaning we will have a more powerful and granular toolset at our disposal which we will integrate with The Forge's launch. However, this has also required us to make additional adjustments to gameplay that ensure both a smoother online experience for players and allow us to collect the important data we need.

The added complexity of this has also required us to spend additional time focusing on infrastructure around the game. We have more developers working on making sure that everything is in place for when the The Forge launches, including fundamental work to ensure currently unloved areas (*cough* the website *cough*) are launch ready.

Despite all of this, we know that there's no dressing up bad news. We respect that many of our Founders paid money for access in August or September and just writing another apology doesn't cut it (even if it's a pretty good one). That's why we're offering a couple of things.

Firstly, we wanted to give a small gesture of our appreciation to our Founders and community for being patient. Founders who signed up before this announcement will receive an additional 3 months of Citizenship membership on top of their 12-month subscription; non-Founders who have signed-up for the previous beta announced at E3 will receive complimentary 1-month Citizenship access once the game economy goes live. For more information on Citizenship read this page:

Secondly, whilst we ask that you bear with us over the next several weeks as the team works around the clock to bring you The Forge, we understand that there may be a few very unhappy customers. That's why we'll be accepting refund requests. If you no longer wish to be a Founder and would like a refund, we'll be able to provide one. We'll start this process on Friday and will update this blog post with information on how you can apply for a refund that same morning.

The Forge is just around the corner and we are excited about the thousands of you who will be joining us in Mavericks for the first time. We believe we are making the biggest and most immersive multiplayer shooter ever made. Your feedback during The Forge will help make it possible.

We hope this blog covers all the questions you may have around the delay. If that's not the case, we'll be hosting a Reddit AMA on Thursday at 1pm BST. Details will be posted in the Mavericks Discord channel and on Twitter (@PlayMavericks) tomorrow.

We thank you for your passion, patience and support. Rest assured that we are working as hard as ever and, whilst that means a bit of a delay, we know it'll be worth the wait.


Q: Is the game still on track to release this year?

Our release methodology has changed in the last few months. Rather than phases such as 'Closed Beta', 'Open Beta' and 'Early Access', we've now got two phases: Mavericks: The Forge (pre-release) and Mavericks: Proving Grounds (full release). We'll have more information to share on an exact release date once we launch The Forge and we start gathering player feedback.

Q: Can I get a refund?

Yes. Founders who no longer wish to be part of the Founders community can request a refund. We'll update this blog with details on the refund process on Friday.

Q: Will Founders still get access before the public?

Absolutely. It has and will always be our intention to give Founders access to Mavericks first. We view our Founders as an extension to the development team at Automaton, and as we rapidly test and iterate during The Forge the feedback from our Founders will be invaluable in making improvements to the game.

Q: Why was this not communicated to the public earlier?

Because we don't like giving bad news? But seriously, we had to crunch some numbers and take a closer look at the work detailed in this blog to determine an exact date we were comfortable in communicating. The new date will make us launch ready and has time built in for any unexpected setbacks. If we could have said something earlier we absolutely would have.

Q: Is this date likely to be pushed

Thursday 29th November is 100% the date we're opening The Forge to Founders. If we don't hit it then James has promised to visit every Founder individually to apologise in person...with cake.

Q: Will Founders be able to access at the same time, or in waves?

All Founders will get access at the launch of The Forge.

Q: Has the content of the initial release changed now it's been delayed?

Nope. Core gameplay features such as footprints/tracking and destructibility will be present in the initial launch of The Forge.

Q: Will we be receiving compensation for this delay due to the multiple other delays?

Yes. We'll be extending Citizenship membership for Founders, and offering free access to others who signed up in June.

Q: Why did you announce the multiple dates you did?

We've never intended to mislead or communicate false information. Developments during, well, uh, development (including shifting from beta weekends to The Forge, giving players more access, and improving our test-iterate process) has caused delays we simply didn't anticipate a few months back. These have all been in service of making a better game and delivering on the high expectations of our community.

Q: Why can't we see gameplay if it's this far through development?

We've been reluctant to share too much gameplay at this point given so much of the game is about the thrill of a 1,000 players facing off against each other in the ultimate battle royale. We've still got some months before the game is going to be open to the public (outside of Founders), and we'll be dropping more behind-the-scenes and in-game content on a more regular basis in the coming weeks and months.

Q: Why should we believe this date?

We don't like disappointing our community. It hurts us as much as it hurts you. We know that shifting dates and delays causes concern and distrust, and a community built on those shaky foundations is not one that is going to last. We want the Mavericks community to grow and thrive, which is why we put the community first when we decided on the new date for The Forge. This new date makes us launch ready and has allows for extra time fix any unexpected issues.

Q: Why can't I get my refund now?

We're working with our payment provider to do this as quickly as possible. However, there are processes that need to be put in place, so we won't be able to start processing refunds until Friday.


September 21st

We are now able to process refund requests for Founders purchases.

Refund requests will only be available to Founders who signed-up before Thursday 20th September, and will be accepted between Friday 21st September up to 5PM BST on Friday 12th October.

If you are a Founder and you would like to request a refund you will need to email Please provide the Order # for your Founders purchase. If you don't have it, please supply the email address you used for the purchase.

Founders packs are only available for a limited time. By choosing to request a refund you will lose Founders privileges such as early access to Mavericks, as well as exclusive in-game items and perks (including an additional 3 months of Citizenship membership for free as announced above). Please take this into consideration.

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