Beta News and Exciting Changes

As we are now in August, we wanted to update you on the closed beta that was due to start this month. The bad news is that the closed beta will not be starting in August. In fact, it will not be starting at all. However, we have something planned that is even better...

It's been a hugely busy few months here at Automaton. Hundreds of thousands of you signed up to play Mavericks following our trailer debut at E3 in June, including our Founders, and we've been listening closely to your feedback and learning about the hopes and excitement you have for our game.

We strongly believe that games need to be tested properly in the right conditions. We've also come to understand that labels such as 'alpha', 'beta' and 'early access' often create inconsistent expectations. That's why we're getting rid of them. No more 'beta'. No more 'early access'. We'll test the game until it's ready, and then we'll release it. Simple.

That's why we are excited to be launching 'Mavericks: The Forge' in the upcoming weeks. Rather than a series of tests across a string of weekends, we'll be launching the game live and making iterative updates based on your feedback on a weekly basis. You can look forward to more access, and introduction to core features earlier, and seeing your feedback make a tangible impact on the game's development ahead of its final release.

'Mavericks: The Forge' will be available exclusively to selected users for several weeks after it launches, before becoming publicly available. Founders and those who signed up to the closed beta can expect an invitation with further details in the next few weeks. We'll also be posting a special episode of 'Making Mavericks' to our blog on 29th August that will offer more details on 'Mavericks: The Forge', Founders access and rewards. Oh, and one other thing...

Since our E3 showing we've made a major change to the Battle Royale mode; one that we believe sets Mavericks apart from the crowd and enhances the groundbreaking vision for the game. But we didn't want to just tell you about it - we want you to play it. So we're making it available when 'The Forge' launches and revealing all the details in our next 'Making Mavericks' episode.

We're working hard to deliver something entirely new; we appreciate your patience and we can't wait to start getting your feedback.

We'll see you on the 29th!

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