Community Update

We're hard at work creating the ultimate player experience in Mavericks: Proving Grounds. Through our community updates we'll be offering exclusive access into Mavericks' development, bringing our vision of the game directly to you. We'll be offering exclusive access into Maverick's development, bringing our vision of the game directly to you.

As a team with experience in creating and playing both shooters and MMO's, we're excited to delve into the community and are committed to being as active as possible from day one. Our Community Team are excited to share with you new information about the game, answer your questions, run events and much more. Catch up with our progress so far in our Making Mavericks series.

This week we've launched our official Mavericks: Proving Grounds Forum. We invite you to meet the players and developers that you'll be teaming up with or facing off against inside the Proving Grounds.

Our forum will feature a number of threads, including announcements of news and events, general FAQs, community discussions, support and an exclusive Founders Forum for those who have purchased the Founders pack.

Join The Discussion

As a Founder you'll have the ability to Link your Discord profile to your Mavericks account, and receive your exclusive Discord Founders rank.

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