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The team has worked hard and Mavericks has come a long way since launching in November and our next Core Update, launching in June, will finalise the game's baseline as an Alpha. From Founders feedback, we have been able to make meaningful changes and we hope you're excited by what's in store for June.

World Updates: The Natural World

With our next Core Update, we are making a number of changes to the natural world, making it feel more lived-in and real. Our environment artists are adding new natural features including ground rips - rocks protruding from the earth - making the forests feel more alive with new tree variants, and polished refinements of the streams and waterways.

In June, we are adding improvements to the train yard, taking the play area's white-box skeleton and making it feel much more developed and finalised. With new various level improvements including details added to the trains, platforms and blast doors - players will be able to experience a far more polished experience.

World Updates: The Capital

In June, we'll be adding two new stores - the start of the economy of Mavericks. There will be four stalls for weapons; including guns, attachments, consumables, and throwables, and one for clothing items.

At these stalls, players will be able to use their bits to purchase items and can even make some more bits by selling off their own, already-banked, items.

We'll also be adding a number of updates to The Capital itself with aesthetic updates to the city. We'll be adding more polished environment items including floors and building facades. Finally, there will also be the first iteration of the Champion's Podium - where the winners of the Survival Mode will emerge from.

Drop-In Experience

In June, we'll be removing the clunky, click-to-spawn drop-in experience, and instead will be replacing it with a much more seamless and epic event. When approaching the district's pool, players will jump and launch into a full skydive through the holographic map - utilising their new drone. The player will then have full control of wherever they want to land within the permitted zone.

All New UI

In June we'll also be launching our new game UI offering players greater amounts of information from within a more polished interface. This overhaul will offer some functional benefits but is primarily focussed on making the experience delivered far more in-line with other AAA-shooter titles.

For the latest information on upcoming updates to The Forge or to discuss Mavericks: Proving Grounds with the studio and other members of the community, check out our Discord or Forums.
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