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We've added a host of updates to The Forge in the past few weeks as part of our latest Core Update; The Armoury. From weapons to the game world, players have seen a variety of changes to their Mavericks experiences and we thought we'd sum up some of that here.

Mid-Game Strategies

We've always thought that the standard mid-game of Battle Royales is rather mundane with players falling back on the same routine - running & gunning their way across the map. In The Armoury, we added some further updates allowing the full game loop to take shape and proving the mid-game can be just as exciting.

1. Objectives

Last month, we added Locked Crates into the world. These time-dependent crates which hold valuable (and powerful) loot have been added to the world. As we go forward, we'll be adding further objectives & activities for players to attain and achieve.

2. Tracking

In our first Core Update, Hunter & Hunted, we added the first pass of tracking into the game. Since then we've been making more sizable improvements to the mechanics including improving rendering distances and adding further evidence of previous activity including discarded first aid kits.

3. Extraction

Extraction has remained an elusive part of the game due to its uniqueness within the space. Over the last few play sessions, we have continued to adjust and tinker with extraction to ensure it's fair and balanced.

Game World & Play Area

We have always wanted the Isle of Dern to be a beautiful, interesting, and dynamic world that players can enjoy. In our play sessions, we temporarily focussed down the scale of the map down to a 1km2 area filled with a train yard, sawmill, and biomass.

As each play session has gone on, players will have seen the area change quickly with new additions each time. For example, in April, we added two functional rideable trains along with a host of other changes to assets in the train yard along with the first additions of destructible elements with bullet penetration being introduced.


The clue's in the name. One of the focusses of The Armoury has, of course, been adding to the arsenal of The Forge. Since March, we've added a host of new weapons including the M14-E2 and RPK, throwables, and weapon attachments.


With additional firepower, means a greater need for additional stopping power. Alongside the new weapons, the first armour kit was added into the game.

As with all of this, the implementation of these new features will only be successful with input and feedback from you - the players. Our development process is based on data as much as possible, but having your input will allow us to know how the changes we make affect your enjoyment of the game.

For the latest information on upcoming updates to The Forge or to discuss Mavericks: Proving Grounds with the studio and other members of the community, check out our Discord or Forums.
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