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Dear all,

Since the launch of The Forge, we have been focussed on delivering rapid updates so you can experience meaningful changes with every session. To focus on delivering in-game content to you, we are going to change our approach until Q3 2019 and only have the game online during specific hours.

The whole point of this is we can test features during specific play sessions. You will be able to download the game before these sessions, however, players will only get access during specific times where we will be running larger scale battles.

Play Session # Available From Unavailable From
1 Thursday 4th April 15:00 BST Monday 8th April AM
2 Thursday 18th April 15:00 BST Tuesday 23rd April AM
3 Thursday 2nd May 15:00 BST Tuesday 7th May AM
4 Thursday 16th May 15:00 BST Monday 20th May AM
5 Thursday 30th May 15:00 BST Monday 3rd June AM

The game will be going down today [Tuesday 26th March] and will come back up with our first play session [Thursday 4th April].

Below we've detailed a few of the additions coming in next week's update:

Weapon Attachments

Next week, players will be able to enjoy the first weapon attachments in the game, specifically a red dot sight and suppressor.

The RDS will be available on all weapons. The suppressor will be available on most weapons except the Barrett and the Ithaca.

Map Update

An immersive world has always been a prominent component of why players bought into Mavericks and we're adding substantial changes to the world to make it more impressive and aesthetically enjoyable for players.

We're also adding the first examples of infrastructure to the world including roads so that players can begin to see the structure of the Isle of Dern taking shape.

New Weapon - M14-E2

We're also adding a new weapon to the game, specifically the M14-E2 rifle which will allow players to pick off enemies at range.

Whilst not as powerful as the Barrett, the M14-E2 will provide players with precision and flexibility, especially during mid-range conflicts.

E3 Invites

The first 100K E3 signups will be mailed today with information about getting access to Mavericks. We're excited to have the game ready to see an influx of hundreds (or thousands) of new players to the world of Dern.

We were hoping to have already invited our E3 fans to the game by now - unfortunately, it was too premature and would have done a disservice to both the game and the founders.

We are looking to invite a cohort of 25,000 players (with a rough 50/50 split between EU & NA) for each of the first four play sessions so that all 100,000 have been invited by the last play session at the end of May.

For the latest information on upcoming Forge updates or to discuss Mavericks with other Founders, check out our Discord or Founders Forum, and if you find a bug that needs fixing be sure to log it via our website.
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