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February brings the first Core Update to The Forge; Hunter & Hunted. H&H promises to change players experiences and capabilities, and begin to deliver the full Mavericks experience.

With the Core Update, players will be able to play an initial version of the new Mavericks Game Mode, which will be running full-time (released 21st February 2019). After several months of early testing, where basic gameplay enabled the studio to gain invaluable feedback, The Forge is developing many of the features which will begin to deliver the full Mavericks experience.

The launch of H&H also brings in the first iteration of the game's social hub; The Capital. The Capital acts as a space from which Mavericks can jump into ongoing game modes, access banked weaponry, and eventually trade and interact with the wider economy of the game. At launch, The Capital will be a white box environment - it will display many gameworld structures, access and interaction points without the final aesthetic details added. As we move into the next Core Update, The Armoury, and beyond, The Capital will become more detailed and developed.

A work-in-progress model showcasing The Capital. In the top district, you can see golden models, these are statues of previous Mavericks significantly larger [15m] than players [~1.7m].

From The Capital, players will be able to jump into one of the on-going games, seeing the hotspots and picking their spawn-point. The Capital is a massive social hub and will grow significantly over the coming updates. In all, we plan to have 12 districts featuring thousands of players interacting within the world, allowing players to socialise and partake in the economy before dropping into a match on the Isle of Dern.

With the launch of H&H, we are also implementing another major feature: tracking. Once in-game, players will be able to track other players by looking out for foliage displacements as players run through vegetation and grassland, blood trails from where players have been injured from firefights, footprints appearing on hard surfaces that players run across, and littering as players leave behind bullet casings, discarded magazines, or bandaging. This will be added in with update 0.1.0 (28th February 2019).

H&H also sees the first wave of non-Founders into the game. The first 100,000 sign-ups from E3 2018 will be invited to become part of the game via email the week after the Core Update drops with update 0.1.1 (7th March 2019). The addition of this significant number of players will help us achieve the dream of large-scale Battle Royale in an online game with thousands of players.

Founders will benefit from exclusive in-game cosmetics - one of which has already been added to The Forge (Syndicate AK Skin), with more being added over the next few months - 12 months of Citizenship starting from the public launch of the game later this year, and continued access to private community-developer channels in our Discord.

The studio has already found significant benefits from interaction with The Founders - from play session data, feedback on features and community engagement, offering suggestions about what they would like to see that they're missing from existing titles. Going forward, we will continue to be working closely with the Founders by offering game events to play with studio members, invite-only chats with the development team to ask about specific additions and offer feedback.

After the launch of H&H, the studio will turn its attention to the next Core Update, The Armoury. The Armoury will bring in new features intensifying firefights, player progression systems, in-map events and objectives, and completes the core gameplay of Mavericks. The Armoury will be released over a number of themed rapid updates, starting in March. Further information about The Armoury will be shared in the coming weeks.

Thank you all for being part of the journey so far. We hope you enjoy the first Core Update as much as we think you will and can't wait to jump in and play with many of you over the coming weeks. As always, for the latest information on upcoming Forge updates or to discuss with other Founders, check out our Discord or Founders Forum, and if you find a bug that needs fixing be sure to log it via our website.
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