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In our recent Founder Feature with Sorrowy, members of the community voiced their comments that they would like to see the status and ETA's of bugs that the team is currently working on.

Specifically we asked "What do you think Automaton could do better? Could be to do with Mavericks, or something else", to which Sorrowy replied "...explaining what the studio's working on and why they're focusing on a certain aspect rather than something else. They should also give an ETA on when we can expect specific bugs to be fixed e.g. the known bugs and when they're expected to be fixed/ are they working on it...".

Off-the-back of these comments, we responded with the following: "We are creating a public-facing Trello-based kanban dashboard which will allow you to see the status of all bugs that are currently being worked on. This dashboard will be a quick overview and has basic details, but won't show internal notes or other information. We will share the link to this in the next few weeks (before the H&H update at the latest) as we need to change a couple of processes before making this public."

After a few weeks of work, we're now able to share the board with you:

There are a number of benefits by us doing this, including that you - the community - can see what we are working on and what we are already aware of. Also, you will be able to give your foresight of what should be removed in upcoming releases. We've always said we want to develop Mavericks: Proving Grounds with the community, this is to go help with that mission.

We do ask however that you don't use this board as a platform to start tagging in the dev teams and start shouting that the one bug you think is important, is not being worked on. We've done this to allow you insight into what the studio is doing but if teams start getting flack from the community for not working on specific issues, we will review whether this is a good idea.

This isn't to say of course, that if you are experiencing bugs you can't be frustrated - naturally, you are going to be. At this early stage, the team moves between bug-fixing and feature-additions regularly and this board offers you an insight into just one arm of the game's development.

Got suggestions about how we can improve this? Shoot us a message on the Discord Channel or Founders Forum. If you want to raise a bug report, you can do so via our website and for all the latest news on Mavericks, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.
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