The Data Forge Report: Update #03

We know it's been a while since you heard from us last. Christmas was a welcome break for the team as they took the time to recover after a busy initial testing phase. However, we've come back and have ambitious plans for The Forge in January and February and beyond. One of the biggest changes with the coming updates will be the introduction of players who signed-up during E3 2018. Alongside Founders, this additional 100,000 will bring a new ferocity to firefights as well as helping us test scalability and roll out of new features.

With this latest edition of The Data Forge, we're showing some similar stats from before to show you how the changes since only a couple of months ago. In terms of bugs, the game has come a long way, but there's still much more to do. It is encouraging however to see the progress shown from the efforts by the team.

In regards to gameplay, players have been logging a number of hours on the Isle of Dern and causing all kinds of havoc. Not just this, but it's interesting to look at the weapon analytics with the shotgun coming out as the most accurate weapon as players look to dominate enemies in close quarters. Finally, the Circle of Lazarus [CoL] still reigns as the top faction with the Last Special Forces [LsF] dragging behind in regards to Capital Reputation Tokens [CRT's].

As we do more of these in the future, we'd be interested to hear what you would like to see in these Data Forge updates. If you have particular analytics that you would like to highlight in future editions, let us know in our Discord Channel or Founders Forum.

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