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Today we're excited to announce the launch of the Mavericks Founders Pack, available in limited numbers and filled with exclusive Founders only content! As mentioned at E3, we're strongly against the gambling stimulus of loot boxes and the pay to win mentality seen in many other free to play games. Our Founders pack, breaks away from that allowing fans to support the game while keeping things fair and balanced.

What's in the Founders pack?

What is Citizenship?

Possessing citizenship grants unrestricted access to the economy of Mavericks in addition to some additional progression mechanics and unique ways to showcase player achievements. As a citizen, players can use Mavericks' currency 'bits' to buy, sell and trade items in the persistent open world with other citizens giving you greater opportunity to assemble a personalized arsenal to suit your style of play .

When can players expect to redeem it?

All content in the Founders pack will be available from August's Founders access to keep permanently - meaning you'll be able to take it into the game's release and show it off for years to come.

Founders get earlier access? What's up with that?

As Mavericks is an ambitious project we believe it's important to give the folks supporting us an early look at the game and exclusive insight into the development process as a thank you for the faith they put in our team.

How do I become a Founder?

To become a Founder simply login to your account and visit our Founders page to purchase access here.

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