The Mavericks Game Mode

You know the routine. Load up Battle Royale game, select game mode, wait in the lobby, jump in with base gear, collect loot, fight, win/lose, repeat.

Not anymore.

We are changing the usual flow of Battle Royale games and adding in brand new dimensions that will make the game far more interactive and exciting for players, changing it from the standard method of Battle Royale.

Players will begin their experience at the heart of the Mavericks world, known as The Capital. This is an enormous social hub that houses thousands of players, located at the base of the iconic Capital tower. This non-combat zone provides players with the opportunity to come together to trade, collect challenges from NPCs, show-off their latest achievements, and prepare for what's about to be the best survival experience of their lives.

The open world is about to change as you know it. When you're done at the bank setting up your gear wander over and take a look down into one of the deployment pools to gain some knowledge about one of the live games going on and jump in!

But wait, what exactly are you jumping into? Well, every hour our new game mode, or deployment, plays out that can hold up to 1,000 players at any given time. There will be multiple of these deployments going on at the same time and due to the way they're structured there will never be queuing time.

A deployment is split into two phases:

At any point during their time on the Isle of Dern, players will be offered the opportunity to extract their gear and weaponry so it can be banked. However, extracting gear comes with risks. Once a player calls on their drone to come and extract their gear, the location will be clearly marked for the drone alerting other players. Once it arrives, players will have to begin the extraction of their selected pieces of gear and fend off other players from stealing it. Banked gear can be traded on the open market for in-game currency or swapped for other items and equipment with other players.

Battle Royale will never be the same. No longer will each game be a drab, near-repetition on previous games. Each experience in the game will be unique and, depending on how players interact with the world, will be completely different.

The Hunter & Hunted Core Update will bring in the first iteration of these features. The studio is working hard on the initial version of the social hub allowing players to jump into the open world. This basic social space is initially planned to hold up to 2,000 players with basic elements including a functional banking mechanism allowing players to access their previously stored equipment. Further to this, players will be able to see the state of on-going game modes and decide when to get involved. In this initial version, players will select an area on the map to spawn, whereas in later versions players will base jump in.

The launch of this new game mode will replace the open world and the Last Man Standing events. For now, we are focusing our players experience around their involvement in what has been described above. We may look to add other game modes in the future accessible from the social hub, but it is not currently part of the development plan.

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