Core Update: Hunter & Hunted

Hunter & Hunted is the first core update we are bringing to The Forge. Coming in early 2019, we are bringing many key features that excited players about Mavericks: Proving Ground's ambitions. We've added just some of the new features we're are hoping to bring you over the next few months.


Stalking your prey has never been easier. Foliage displacement will give you a clue as to where other players have gone, follow them and claim your prize. Pick up clues en-route, including where players reloaded or fired from by finding discarded magazines.

See where players recovered from firefights by finding discarded bandages from first aid kits. We are looking to build on this further over time, with the addition of footprints as well, allowing you to finish off your enemies before they have time to heal up.


Start the year with a bang with destructive elements being added to the map. The new and explosive gas canister will mean you'll have to really think where you find cover. However, the fire will spread, leaving destruction and broken glass in its' wake - fire propagation adds a whole new dynamic to ensuring you don't become charred.


We'll be adding the first armour into The Forge, allowing players to take more of a punch before being eliminated. Collect armour from around the map and go into firefights stronger than ever, be careful though - take too many hits and the armour will become useless. We're initially looking to add 3x levels of armour (light, medium, and heavy) for 3x areas on the body (head, torso, and legs). This armour will be Forge quality and purely functional, however, we are looking to add more variations being added over time.


With the new loot being dotted around the map, we don't want Rambo's to be encroaching from every corner of the Isle of Dern. As such, players will also discover the new weight system very quickly. If you are the sort of player who hoards everything they find, you will struggle to survive.


With such an extensive map, we want players to be able to fight, stalk, and terrorise other players without being worried about being sniped with a JT45. We'll be adding bullet and damage drop to our weaponry so that, the further you fire from, the more you have to think about where to aim your shot.

We're looking to improve the weapon handling mechanics and add the first weapon attachments including suppressors, magazine extenders, and red dot sights. These modifications will significantly help if you can find them, as you sneak up and exterminate your enemies.


We're adding greater levels of infrastructure to the map to make it feel more habitable. As the Isle of Dern becomes more established with every update, we want the map to have its' own ecosystem including a network of rivers, streams, and roads around the maps different settlements.

New UI

We're working on adding more information to the user interface. This includes damage direction indicator, better display on your current health and amour, and a better-looking compass. As game modes expand, we will be looking to add further elements including chat, squad status, and inventory information to ensure you never become over-encumbered.

There's so much in-store for The Forge and Mavericks: Proving Grounds. The Hunter & Hunted core update will bring the first wave of new additions that will radically change how players interact with the world. Later in 2019, we'll be adding further updates including The Armoury and New Horizons - more details of both to be shared in due course.

See you all in the New Year!

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