The Data Forge Report: Update #02

Another week, another set of analytics from The Forge. In last week's update, we brought in a variety of changes including ongoing bug fixes and optimisations, and also the first iteration of the game's progression system. In this week's Data Forge Report, we're focusing primarily on these two areas.

Bug fixes are dropping significantly with every passing update as the game becomes more stable and developed. The team has made important headway addressing major known issues which are hindering players experience, more details of which can be found in the coming week's patch notes.

Progression has been one key wish from the community since launch and we were so happy to add it in last week. This will develop and grow with each update, allowing players access to exclusive items. The more CRT's deposited, the rarer the gear. In future updates, we are looking at other rewards which will be granted to players including upon achieving development objectives.

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