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This week we are opening the doors to Mavericks for the first time as we welcome Founders into The Forge. This is an important milestone in the development journey of Mavericks: Proving Grounds. With the help of our Founders, we'll begin to expansively test core gameplay, scale and design elements, amongst other areas, as we move into an exciting period of rapid iteration and evolution.

As The Forge opens, players will initially participate in a stripped-back version of the full Mavericks experience. This early-stage version is built to test core functions and scale with an open-world Free-For-All mode that supports up to 1,000 players set as the default game-type (find out more in our FAQ).

We understand that this may disappoint some Founders who are expecting The Forge to launch with a Battle Royale mode as standard. We will be running limited-time Battle Royale events during the early days of The Forge but it will not be the initial focus of our testing. The decision to open with Free-For-All is a necessary early step as we aggressively test servers and scale. Things will break and that's the point.

This is where you come in. We need our community to rally together with us and provide the invaluable feedback that we need to bring Mavericks to more players. With your help, we will build and shape the future of The Forge.

As we bring our community closer to the heart of Mavericks' development, you can also expect more insights and updates, allowing you to see the impact that your actions have on the world around you. Rapid Updates will be delivered each week adding important but incremental changes to the game; Core Updates will have a substantial impact on the game experience, adding deeper gameplay features such as advanced destructibility, fire propagation, tracking abilities and other major areas of design. All of these features are based on how you interact with the game.

This is not a finished product, and we'll be working hard over the coming weeks and months to make the game launch ready. Because of this, you can expect bugs, crashes and glitches - and you can be on the frontline helping us identify and tackle where we need to make key improvements and changes. Join in the discussion on our Founders Forum or Discord channel. If you have noticed a bug, be sure to report it here.

The community can also look forward to weekly updates on upcoming new features and events, as well as detailed information from our testing including highlighting the ways in which community members have made a difference to the world of Mavericks. We'll begin this with an AMA on our Founders Forum that will take place in December where Automaton's CEO James Thompson will be available to answer your questions following the first few days of The Forge. We're excited to begin this journey and build the future of Mavericks with our community. Thank you for your patience. We'll see you in The Forge.

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