Website & Sign-up Launch

In celebration of the release of the Mavericks website and our first teaser trailer at E3's PC Gaming Show, we're giving you the chance to be among the first to receive exclusive information and in game loot when you register an online account today.

As an account holder, you'll reserve your Mavericks display name and be able to post comments on all our articles going forward. Act quickly, be one of the first 100,000 to create an account and you'll automatically be added to our Expanded Closed Beta list. How do you know if you're one of the 100,000? You'll immediately find the exclusive Expanded Beta Access date by going to your account page after registering.

Don't worry if you aren't one of the lucky 100,000, you'll still receive an exclusive E3 Content Pack with a unique, one of a kind pistol skin and starter outfit upon official release, provided you register an account before Sunday 17th June.

Plus, from Thursday 14th June, 50,000 Founders Packs will be available for purchase for all registered account holders. Founders Pack holders will automatically receive guaranteed early Closed Beta access as well as a whole host of unique items. Find out all the details of the pack on our Founders page.

Thank you for joining Mavericks! Stay logged in for all the latest Mavericks news, updates, behind-the-scenes content, exclusive offers, and more.

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