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Mavericks is a revolutionary open world shooter built using the latest in low-latency networking technology combined with beautiful visuals in our bleeding-edge version of CryEngine. The result is a high-fidelity, dynamic world with destructibility and persistence enabling you to leave your impact on the world for everyone to see.

Mavericks is engineered with a focus on performance, stability, and strategic gameplay — we've created a great foundation to bring Battle Royale to a place it deserves.

Enter the Proving Grounds, a place where you can show what you're made of in the ultimate fight to the death experience. This first part of the Mavericks world will become available to play, with our closed beta access starting this Summer; sign-up now to hear how to get involved.

As a studio with experience working on massively multiplayer games we've re-imagined the large-scale shooter. We've combined a number of new and proven additions that drastically expand on what you've seen from the last generation of games. Including character progression, deep narrative, and a huge 12km x 12km world rich in content — Mavericks offers unique and rewarding gameplay, coming soon.